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Hey, How's it going? I have started a new Blog. Here's the link: Click here-If Your Interested In Thomas Gene Vickery Blog    I'm also writing a book to right now on My Story. I will be posting it on there and some more place's to, to sale. Be looking, i'm not finish with it yet. But go to my blog and leave me a commit,i'll be posting a post about it there soon. I not asking for Funding, but if you would to donate there's a banner on the site to do so. If you click on the banner you will see "WHY" i'm doing all this. Thank You, and have a nice day!!...........   P.S. Please leave your e-mail, so I can get back to you. Thanks!!

Update:7/9/2013 "IT"S READY" Hello There! I'm finally done with my book, so here's how to get it:
  I'm Promoting My New Book, here's how you can get it for free:
Just go to this link: Thomas's new book  and join my team as a new member, it's my personal team. There is a fee to pay to join, but you will receive my book free when you pay to join. Or you can just Donate to my book instead of joining my team, by just donating $100.00 or more by going here: and also done forget to check-out my other links below................
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