Five Things You Need To Stay Motivated

If you’re a one-person team operating out of a home office or you
are working with your spouse or partner, staying motivated can sometimes
be a challenge. Not only do you not have the person-to-person
interaction and energy that happens in larger offices, it’s also all too
easy to get sidetracked by household chores or television, telephone
calls and other distractions.
If this sounds familiar, then here are a few tips to help you keep you stay on your path to success and wealth.

Tip # 1: Set boundaries
the saying goes, “’It is better to work to live ...than to live to work.”
You are working to...
1) Save More Money
2) Make More Money
3) Obtain Debt Freedom
4) Obtain Time Freedom... 
because you want the
best life for yourself and your family. If that’s the case, then it’s
absolutely crucial that you set clear boundaries between the two. Set
regular work hours and ask your family to respect this time. It’s
important that they recognize that your work is the same as it would be
in an office across town.

Tip #2: Make a list, check it twice
Make a list of everything you need to accomplish each day, in order of
priority. Being able to cross items off your list will give you a sense
of accomplishment and this will keep you on track and motivated. Hold
yourself accountable at the end of the day. Sound like your Goal Sheets.
similar process.

Tip #3: Signs of success
You’re your own boss, right? Remind yourself every day that you’re the
important head of a growing enterprise by putting a sign on your office
door—complete with the name of your business and title (Business Coach-
Find Your 5 Business Partners, Director etc.)

Tip # 4: Keep your eyes on the prize
One of the most effective motivators in sports is to visualize yourself as a
winner. By doing so, you take yourself psychologically from “wanting to
win” to actually “being” a winner. The same goes for your business.
Visualize what you want out of your business (a bigger home, college
tuition for your kids, a new car, etc.) Many of you have done this
“Dream Building” exercise – post it in your home or office area.
Write out your Goal Sheet

Tip # 5: Get social—network! 
You own your own Business Chamber of Commerce now!
Connect with your Team - T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More
Since more and more people are choosing to run their own home businesses,
there are sure to be associations and groups of people who are facing
the same issues and challenges that you are and who are willing to share
best practices. And of course, there’s online social networking.
Internet Development, for instance, has
several networking groups that make it easier than ever to stay in touch
with your peers. Get involved—it can be fun!

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So, are you happy or are you pursuing happiness.
What you are doing daily what you want to do?

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 Just alittle something from the Man Ray Higdon!!                                                                                                     

Always follow your dreams my friend, 
they are possible, these 7 tips might 
help you 


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Ray Higdon 

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Learning to Dance in the Rain Movie

Learning to Dance in the Rain Movie: It almost sounds too simple to feel important, but one word... gratitude, can change your attitude, and thus your life, forever. Sarah Breathnach said it best... When we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that's present... We experience heaven on earth.

Herbs Power

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